The rash is a noticeable change in color, smoothness, and physiology of the skin. The rash can vary from simple to severe, rashes can get more scaly, inflamed and more irritating, increased itching is another primary symptom of developing the rash, these are sometimes big red spot on skin not itchy.

Following Are The Major Causes of Rash

  • Allergy is one of the major causes.
  • Some medications may also cause the rashes, or sometimes prolong use of medicines leads to rashes on different parts of body epically cheeks, and elbow.
  • Cosmetics is nowadays leading cause of rash and
  • Last but not the least certain diseases e.g. SLE, mums, etc.

Most Common Type of Rashes

Studies have found that most common cause of the rash is contact dermatitis. It mostly occurs when skin comes in contact with the foreign object which causes our body immune system to activate and leads to the rashes. The rashes that appear may be painful, and itchy; following are the leading reasons of contact dermatitis:

  • Laundry detergents soap with improved chemicals.
  • Use of cloth dye.
  • Contact with rubber or PVC.
  • Contact with poisonous plants etc.

Medication Induced Rashes

Some people are sensitive to medications due to genetic or environmental reasons.

  • Allergic to any medication.
  • It may be a side or adverse to any medication.
  • It may be due to photosensitivity to medication.

Above causes are registered and prominent causes of rashes, but there are many other idiopathic causes as well, which include following:

  • Most of the time rash can be seen in the area where any insects bites, the reason of that rash is the transmission of disease or making that area septic by their fluid, etc. e.g. mosquito bite, termite bite, etc.
  • The most common type of rash among people is eczema or atopic dermatitis that makes the skin look rougher and cause severe pain.
  • Psoriasis is the most common type of rash which is mostly seen in critical condition. Skin becomes more scaly and bumpy.
  • RA is a kind of rash that develops inside the body due to autoimmune disorders.
  • SLE is one of the most deadly forms of rash that makes skin flake off leaving it more sensitive and painful.

Managing Skin Rashes at Home

Skin rash needs proper treatment, but it depends on its severity. If they are due to some disease or are painful and multiplying, then they need special attention. Otherwise, home remedies are enough for their treatment:

  • Use simple cleaners instead of bar soaps having complex chemicals in it.
  • Use Luke warm water.
  • Don’t rub or scratch the rash, in the case of itching pat it.
  • Try to keep it more exposed.
  • Try to apply simple steroidal creams on rashes instead of using high-potency treatments.
  • Taking oatmeal bath will sooth the rash more.

OTC Medications

To treat rash use corticosteroids and to lessen the pain use ibuprofen etc.

White Bumps on The Face Are Not Pimples

When you start realizing that your skin is not smooth anymore and have hard white bumps on skin then see your doctor immediately because it must be Mila and delay may worsen them.

What is Mila?

  • Hard white skin bumps. These are small i.e. of few millimeters in diameters.
  • Mila is not painful neither they irritate nor itch these are just little white bumps on the skin that don’t itch.
  • Mostly they appear on the face around the orbital of the eye or cheeks, but they can pop anywhere on the body.
  • They can last for a longer period and are harmless. They can be caused due to numerous reasons e.g. white bumps on the skin from the sun.

Causes of Mila

Mila is common for everyone, but those who have more cases of acne develop Mila rapidly. They look nasty, and you would do anything to remove bumps on face.

Studies have concluded that those individuals develop male who don’t scrub their skin or don’t undergo any exfoliation. These raised spots on face are the accumulation of dead skin that does not shed off because we don’t take care of our skin and don’t scrub it properly. It can occur at any age i.e. from few months to even older people; it’s a common question from people that bumps on my face are not pimples? They ask this because they can’t pop Mila.

How to Cure Them

It’s easy and straightforward to treat Mila at home and also prevent them from appearing in future. If you see any red raised spot on skin not itchy, don’t try to pop it or press it because it may get infected and swell, leave it. Try to scrub your skin properly with good scrub eighth readymade or homemade.


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