The use of an egg in all cuisine is very common, and everyone is habitual of eating an egg for breakfast. So it proves that knowledge about egg stands mandatory to all of us.

It is said that egg is a super food or outstanding food because it contains lots of healthy ingredients like:

  • Protein.
  • Vitamins.
  • Minerals.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid.

It is a complete diet for half day because it provides almost 20 percent of daily protein. No doubt it is a rich source of protein and all diet conscious people should use it abundantly. But the knowledge about the egg is necessary, and one should know that which part of egg one should eat. Conscious people frequently wants to know that how many calories are in 1 scrambled eggs, calories in boiled egg or how many calories in fried eggs, etc.

So Here Are Answers to All Your Questions.

Every egg you eat contains almost 200mg plus cholesterol. But it does not mean that if a healthy person eats an egg every day, the risk of heart diseases will be increased.

You may think how many calories are in one egg then the simple answer is it depends on the size of the egg and how frequently you consume an egg.

Hard Boiled Eggs

According to the calories count hardboiled egg it gives more than 70 calories if not additives, juices, jams or butter is added to it. According to the research, calories in boiled egg is good enough for your body to function actively and appropriately.

Calories in Fried or Scrambled Egg

The calories in an egg are counted based upon the procedure to prepare it; if one is using excess oil or additive etc. then the calories will be more than the original egg calories. So how many calories does one scrambled egg have the common question from diet conscious people, and the answer is you can easily calculate it yourself .70 calories of egg and then calories of how many numbers of spoons of oil you add to the egg. With just frying the egg you can take calories from least to maximum.

How many calories does two scrambled egg have, it again depends on the way of preparation. If you scramble the egg with milk it calories count can reach to more than 100. The size of the egg does matter a lot, but as a matter of fact, all eggs are almost of equal size.

Division of Calories According to Parts of Eggs

As I have mentioned above that size of the egg matters a lot so here are the calculations of large eggs:

  • The egg white contains almost 18 calories.
  • The egg yolk, contain 60 calories.
  • The fried egg calories are 95 plus.
  • Poached egg contains 80 plus calories.
  • The scrambled egg contains 100plus calories.

The Calorie Count of Egg Yolk

The yolk of an egg is rich in cholesterol and the question that how many calories is in a boiled egg can be answered by knowing that the bigger the boiled egg larger will be the yolk and more will be the calories. Our daily requirement for calories is 300mg, and an egg yolk provides one-third of the total daily requirement so it is good to consume it all at once but the person who have consumed it should stay careful about the cholesterol intake in the whole day.

Health Benefits of Egg Yolk

Following are the most significant health benefits of egg yolk:

  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Makes skin healthy.
  • It makes nerves active
  • Helpful for strong eyesight because it contains an excess of the vitamin. A and flavonoids that are excellent for sight.
  • Contains a high amount of vit.B.
  • It is rich in Iron.
  • Also, contains Riboflavin.

The most interesting fact about egg yolk is, it is not only used in baking, cooking, eating and dressing the dishes but it is have been used once in a painting which was a famous piece of art.

Calories count of Egg White

As we have discussed yolk of egg so now it’s crucial to examine how many calories and carbs are present in an egg?

Low in Calorie Count & Rich in Protein

These are very low in calorie count.

  • No calories.
  • No cholesterol.
  • Loaded with protein only.

It’s a common trend to eat raw egg white, but chances of infections are high with it so one should avoid it and medical world is also against it.

It’s a common trend in athletes to eat egg white, but it is dangerous in following two ways:

  • Increased risk of infection.
  • Not suitable for people with a weak stomach, or individuals who are at risk of ulcers or stomach burning, etc.

Uses of Egg White

It is frequently used everywhere, in food, baking, dressing, etc. and gives a perfect look and taste.

Talking about nutrition facts for fried egg, it is a healthy food to kick start a morning, but you should avoid overeating after this.

Egg white is used extensively in skin treatments and hair treatments as well; it brings shine in hair and makes them more fluffy and soft. It is used in many shampoos and other hair and beauty products.

So no one can say that calories in an egg are dangerous to consume. The important thing is how to consume it and when to consume it. The consumption should be proper with accurate calculations.

Egg Recipes With Less Calories

For all those people who are extra diet conscious, here is a recipe with less calorie intake from the egg:

  • First of all, eat egg prepared by simple procedure with less oil and additive; it will help you a lot.
  • Secondly, there are vast ranges of product on the market that can contribute to reducing the calorie intake from an egg, one of which is Eggbeaters.  It is one of the best available substitutes that you can add to your diet and get perfect results so far.
  • If you are planning to cut all the calories from your diet but still want a healthy breakfast then go for one egg yolk and two egg whites, this will help reduce calories intake to 1%.
  • Try to use less additive, avoid bread, jam and all other possible things that can add fat to your body.

How to Enjoy The Egg Cooking Experience

The calories count in one egg is very little, and the white works very efficiently. You can mix it and cook it with many other vegetables and spices etc. to enhance the taste and also reduce the calories Intake. It is now possible to have egg white desserts with low calorie and fat intake; you can enjoy scrambled eggs made of egg white etc. now companies demand or for egg whites than the whole egg.

Egg Whites Available in Many Forms

Now you can find egg whites in liquid or powdered forms in the market very quickly. Which has made cooking much easier and fast? So you don’t have to create mess now and struggle hard to separate the required part of an egg. It’s possible that one can enjoy the delight of eggs with same nutritional value as before with less mess and less hustle.

Some Cooking Tips

If you want to cook the egg in a traditional and classical way, and want to use egg white more that egg yolk, then first you should know the art of separating the white and yolk. The fluff to egg white will only come when it is entirely free from all egg yolk, even a streak of yolk can affect that perfect fluff.

Ensure that your utensils are dry when using these egg products. The water can dilute the egg product; water also makes a film around the egg droplets and prevents entrance of air to it, which increases the fluff to the egg how many calories in a small egg.

The protein is beaten and is made light which also makes the food light in which you add it.

Utensils to Use & Their Condition

Attempt and utilize a copper or metal bowl rather than a glass one to permit the air to be fused all the more effortlessly and have the cushiness last more.

How to Separate Egg White & Egg Yolk

You can isolate egg whites either by hand – however, this takes a little practice and a ton of certainty. Be that as it may, the more how many calories for one egg you do it, the simpler it gets.

Unique Gadgets to Separate Egg Yolk From Egg White

Then again, there are devices called egg separators that have a uniquely planned space for the white to go through and keep the yolk in place.


Putting everything in a nutshell, the simpler you make an egg the less will be the calorie count and healthier will be the egg diet. For all diet conscious people, an egg is the perfect diet and will be a perfect kick start to the morning.


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