Acne is a worldwide problem, and anyone can get acne at any time. The question is how to prevent acne in a natural way. According to studies it has become evident that teenagers are mostly affected by acne. There are many prominent reasons behind acne which includes:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Disturbance in menstrual cycle
  • Food
  • Stress
  • Medication

Many people are still struggling with one question that is how to prevent acne? Acne is the worst form of pimples, so it is important it prevents the pimples first. Treating pimples is not a rocket science rather it takes only a few steps and you are done with the clear and glowing skin. In this article, some of the ways are mentioned that are easy to do and does not require much money or time.

Cleansing - The most important thing 

The answer on how to remove pimples is very simple, and it is cleansing. Cleansing has a benefit over any other mean because Cleansing helps in removing the dirt that has accumulated in the skin pores. The clogs pore then produce excessive sebum which leads to the formation of pimples.

Cleaning is mandatory, and it is no harm if you are cleaning your face every time before going to bed. However, the science lies in the selection of the cleanser. Always choose the best cleanser that contains fewer chemicals and also chose it according to the skin type. If you have dry skin, then use a cleanser that is cream based and on the other hand, people with oily skin should use a cleanser that is gel based. Cleansing for at least 10 minutes before going to bed will bring magical results to the skin and cleansing is surely the solution for how to prevent acne as well.

Exfoliating with the scrub

The skin needs to breathe, and the skin needs to regenerate also. For this, the old and the dead skin should be removed so that the new skin cells grow. The old and dead skin results in dull-looking and pimple skin so exfoliating is important to get rid of dead skin. If you are looking for how to get rid of pimples then exfoliating is the key. Do not overdo exfoliating rather once in a week is sufficient.

Toning the skin 

Then comes the toning, which is important for those who have huge pores and oily skin. There are many natural toners available in the market that is free from chemicals and alcohol. Always use mild products on your skin because the skin is the sensitive organ.

Moisturizing the skin

How to remove pimples is the question and moisturizing the skin is the answer. The skin type that is susceptible to getting pimples requires moisturizing on a daily basis. While choosing the moisturizing always look for the ingredients it contains. For the skin with pimples go for the moisturizer having salicylic acid in it. Regular moisturizing increases the blood flow towards skin and reduces the chances of acne.

Some Home Remedies for How to Prevent Acne

Apart from the above mention tip on how to prevent pimples these home remedies

  • Miraculous honey mask

When it comes to how to prevent acne, then honey is a perfect choice. Honey has antibacterial properties which limit the growth of the bacteria that causes the acne or pimples. The procedure is very simple. Just apply the raw honey on the pimples with clean and dry hands. Let it stay overnight and wash it in the morning with lukewarm water. Honey also hydrates the skin thus maintain the moisture inside the body.

  • Honey and cinnamon mask  

This mask is a perfect for how to get rid of acne scars. If you have an important event to attend, and the pimples are all set to ruin it then use this mask to treat the acne or acne scars over a single night. Crush the cinnamon and make a thick paste by adding few drops of honey in it. To make the mask even more useful then add half teaspoon of gram flour in it. Use it and let it stay on your face overnight. Wash your face and see the difference.

  • Ice pack  

Nobody loves to have pimples. The bumpy red pimples is a complete demise to happiness especially when you a wedding to attend. So the best way to how to prevent acne is to use the ice pack. Ice reduces the redness and swelling of a pimple.

Simply take 2 to 3 ice cubes in an ice lock bag and apply it on the pimples. The ice absorbs the swelling thus reducing the bumpiness of a pimple. It also heals the redness thus leaving a clear skin behind. Apply ice after an hour to get speedy results.

  • Toothpaste  

The only way to get rid of pimples overnight is by using the toothpaste. To prevent from acne is now not a dilemma anymore because the humans have found a way to combat against it. By applying the toothpaste, the pimples shrinks and falls off. The toothpaste also eliminates the bacteria that cause the pimple growth.

  • Basil leave

Almost every condiment in our kitchen has some important role. Similarly, another useful condiment or herb is basil leaves. The extract from the basil leaves is helpful in fighting against the pimples. The advantage of using the herbs is that they are free from chemicals, and also they do not have any harmful effect on our skin unlike others available in the market.

Soak the basil leaves in water for half an hour, after that press the leaves so that the extract oozes out. Apply the extract with a cotton ball on the pimples. It is preferred to leave the extract overnight. The extract will get enough time to get absorbed in the skin. Now rinse it off with warm water and you will see the difference in a single apply only. How to prevent acne in one day and the answer is clear that is basil leaves. Every kitchen has basil leave in it so what are you waiting for on how to remove pimples in just one day.


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