There was a time when I was keen to know the mystery behind perfect cooking of chefs. But, it was only my assumption that they have some special tricks and ingredients which they conceal from others to be paramount and possess unique flavor of their dishes. Like me, many other people may also assume this. But thanks to the world of information, I mean to say the internet, it is no more a mystery now. You will wonder to know that it is not magic; it’s all about just perfect measuring of ingredients. Everyone can do cooking perfectly if he/she knows how to measure perfectly.

Now, you’re thinking about the measuring tools and gadgets that professionals use in cooking measurement. A layman typically does not have these things than how they can measure in the same way as professionals do. Yeah, it’s true that chefs have experience and apparently efficient tools as well, but it is not a surprising thing. You can also measure the cooking ingredients correctly to make your recipe perfect. If you are a learner in the culinary world, you must know the cooking measurement. Measuring fluids and dry ingredients in tablespoons and cups is a most convenient way. Let me combine both together. It will be obviously helpful to you. Here, I’m going to explain, “How many tablespoons in a cup?”

Difference Between US & UK Cup Standards

Before heading towards the explanation of basic conversion of tablespoons in a cup, it’s important to know that there are two most common systems of cup measurements which are metric and US standard. The size of a cup varies in different regions of the world according to the custom use of cup and needs. Therefore, measurement of fluids and solids may vary also. Let’s have a look on measurement according to the US and Metric standards.

US Tablespoon and Cup

Till you know how many tablespoons in a cup, you should be aware that the traditional US tablespoon as a unit volume is equal to;

=4 fluid drams = 3 tablespoons =14.8 ml

  • US customary cup is defined as half of a US pint.
1 US standard cup= 16 US tablespoons = 48 US teaspoons = 8 US fluid ounces = 236.5882365 ml

Metric Tablespoon and Cup

The people who have metric cups for measurement would also want to know a super easy method of conversion of tablespoons in a cup. Here is a detail about a metric cup.

Metric tablespoon in terms of measurement is equal to;
=4.06 Metric fluid drams = 3 Metric teaspoons =15 ml
  • A metric cup is usually defined as;
= 250 ml = 16 2⁄3 International tablespoons = 50 international teaspoons =8.45 US customary fluid ounces

Dry Measurement vs Liquid Measurement

If you want to measure how many tablespoons in a cup, it is crucial to understand the measures of both solids and liquids in any measurement system. Dry measurement cups are filled exactly to the top and then leveled off with a knife or a straight edge. Whereas in the measurement of liquids into cups, you can’t fill the cup right up to the top. For liquids generally, pour spout term is used which means you fill the cup according to the gradation on the side of the cup. Usually, measurement of a liquid cup is exactly same to the dry cup. Liquid measurements are not only used for measuring milk, water, and oil but also for other ingredients such as; sugar flour and spices, Etc. the units of liquid measurement are milliliter, teaspoon, tablespoon, fluid ounces, cup, quart, and gallon.

Remember that the fluid ounce is different from the weight ounce. In America, ingredients are usually measured by volume, whereas, others commonly measure them by weight.

For more convenience to measure liquid and dry ingredients for cooking a table is given below.


This table is indicating that how many tablespoons in a cup can be poured. You can measure ingredients such as; water, milk, oil, juices, sugar, flour, spices, and ground food items for cooking in this measurement scale. I hope this article will completely satisfy your curiosity. Watch this video for a quick guide.


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