Do you know how many carbs in a banana are present in a banana? Bananas are loaded with minerals and vitamins and are considered as the best thing to eat during a hectic schedule. Simply carry a banana in your bag every time you are leaving home and eat it every time you feel hungry despite having your hands on the healthy but filthy junk food. There are numerous banana health benefits that shall be discussed below.

Calorie content

To add to your surprise bananas contain about 30 grams of carbs and 110 calories. So even if you are eating this sweet thing still, you are adding nothing to your total body calorie content.

How Many Carbs in a Banana Are?

If you are conscious about your weight, then you must be thinking that how many calories in a banana are present. If you are eating a medium sized banana, then you are adding only 27 grams of carbs to your body.
Well to many people avoiding all that carbs is an easy way to lose weight. It is a mindset of many people that avoiding carbs is the best way to boost the health but in reality, there are many foods available that contain carbs which are considered good for the health. To tell you the truth bananas fall into this sort. When we are eating bananas, we are adding fibers, manganese, Vitamins and potassium to our body. Even more, the green bananas are rich in starch and are of more benefit.

Well, the bottom line is that the main reason of life or a healthy living is not to shed some extra weight rather it is simply about maintaining a balance between carbs, fats, proteins, and minerals.

Calories in a Banana?

As we have already talked about that how many carbs in a banana are present so now, we shall be discussing the calorie content. Banana contains only 110 calories in total. Banana calories are easy to count because they do not add so much weight to your body.

When selecting food for your body, you must always concentrate on the nutritious value rather than the calorie content.

Calories speak to a typical way we monitor the amount of vitality is in the sustenance we eat. We as a whole have an every day least of calories that we completely should meet keeping in mind the end goal to survive, and it relies on upon various components like

  • age,
  • tallness,
  • weight,
  • physical action,
  • hereditary qualities

Calories in the banana are vital, yet concentrating just on them distorts solid living: the fixation on calorie checking can act naturally overcoming, particularly when you consider that numerous health food nuts have the motivation to go too far under the base, which harms the potential for weight administration. Yes, you need to abstain from eating a whole day’s portion of calories in a solitary pastry filling. In any case, with regards to sustenance stuffed with supplements and medical advantages that your body needs, organizing nourishment over calorie-numbering very backings weight reduction and support

All the calories that we gather by eating a banana can be burned only in 10 minutes of aggressive workout. Try eating banana alone because when you are adding chocolate to it, then you will have to work four times more to burn the calories that you have gathered by eating the bananas with the chocolate. Not only would this but carbs in banana along with the chocolate be doubled

Nutritional Value of Banana

We all have been eating bananas for long, but most of us are unaware that what all healthy constituents it contains. Beginning with the list:

How Many Carbs in a Banana?

Raw Bananas


Carbs Count

extra large (> 9″)

35 carbs

large (8″- 9″)

31 carbs

medium (7″-8″)

27 carbs

small (6″)

23 carbs

extra small (< 6″)

19 carbs

1 ounce/28g

6½ carbs

one cup mashed bananas

51 carbs

one cup sliced bananas

34 carbs


Banana contains many antioxidants like carotenoids, Manganese, and Ascorbic acid which scavenges the free radicals and toxins that circulate in your body. These toxins enter your body via water, food and air in which you inhale all the time.


Bananas also contain potassium which plays a vital role in controlling the blood pressure. Apart from this potassium is also very useful in maintaining the muscle function.


Pectin acts as an anti-diarrheal agent that is why bananas are preferred to be taken in diarrhea. It is also helpful in controlling the prostate cancer.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps in maintaining the function of the bones. Vitamin B6 also reduces the CVS diseases.
Apart from this, the good news is that bananas are fats free and also does not add any extra calories to your body. It is also free from cholesterol. On average one must not eat more than two bananas in a day.

Banana Peel

Have you ever wondered that why monkey eat bananas with the peel? Monkey love to eat a banana along with the peel because the peel is as delicious as the inside of the peel is. The peel contains all the significant minerals and vitamins and carbs as the inside of the banana is. The peel has only 50 calories when compared t the calories in the banana. The peel is not as sweet as the inside is so the peel is used in a variety of desserts. If you plan on to use the peel in your food then do not forget to wash the peel nicely because the peel contains so many medicines or pesticides that the farmers use to increase the yield.

Things to Remember

Bananas may not be considered as a full meal package that contains proteins and carbs and fats. Bananas are though rich in carbs but lack fats and proteins. So if you are a gym freak then always consider taking the bananas before the workout rather than after it. if you are diabetic, then you should think twice before eating a fully ripe banana.

Additional Banana Benefits

Apart from promoting the health low carbs in a banana, bananas are also considered as a protective agent against the tooth decay problems caused by the carbs. Eating banana won’t damage the gums or teeth. So now you can enjoy bananas without any having to worry about your teeth. So there are no more questions about How many carbs in a banana are there in your mind after reading this helpful article.


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