The little round sweet oranges is a perfect fruit for winters and can be added to various cuisines. Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C but surprisingly it does not contain any fat sodium or cholesterol. Now the question that might pop in your mind is that how many calories in an orange is present? So breaking the ice and revealing the answer that a single orange contains not more than 100 calories.

Health Benefits of An Orange

  • Orange juice is good for patient having CVS diseases
  • Prevent the formation of kidney stones and ulcer
  • Oranges help to cure all the respiratory tract infections.
  • Oranges make your immune system strong.  

When talking about the orange juice, it is free from fibers which the white part that is present between the flesh and the peel is loaded with fibers, but the bad news is that you cannot consume it because it is bitter in taste. Additionally, the juice of an orange contains more calories than the whole orange.  Now the question of How Many Calories in An Orange will be resolve from this article.

How Many Calories in An Orange Are Present 

  • The calorie content of orange is  80.
  • It is free from fats.
  • Potassium is found to be 7%
  • Vitamin C in orange is of considerable amount and constitutes of 130%
  • Carbs are found in low amount which is only 6%
  • Fibers are found in 12% ratio

Health Advantages of Eating An Orange


  • Immune system 

What else do we need when our immune system is robust and ready to attack all the toxins and bacteria that enter in our body. As said earlier that calories in orange are little but it is high in ascorbic acid. This vitamin is known for capturing the free radicals and toxins in our body and flushing them out thus making our immune system not only strong but efficient also.

If these toxins are not flushed out from the body, then they may lead to some fatal diseases like cancers and CVS diseases. So eat more oranges in winters and stay away from the cold, cough and sneezing.

  • For Skin

Another health benefit of an orange is that it helps in making your skin look younger, brighter and fresher. The ascorbic acid found in the juice of an orange prevents from the damage caused by the UV rays present in the sunlight. This vitamin also enhances the synthesis of collagen that keeps the skin firm and wrinkle free. So if you eat orange frequently, then your skin will look fresh and young.

  • Cholesterol 

The cholesterol is divided into two categories.

  • HDL, which is high-density lipids. These are considered as good cholesterol
  • LDL, which is low-density cholesterol. These are bad cholesterol.

So if you are suffering from cholesterol problem, then you must get rid of LDL. The best way is to drink orange juice for two consecutive months. The juice will help in controlling the cholesterol amount in your blood.

  • Heart

Apart from that right oxygen and blood flow, there are many other things needed for the heart to work properly and among them one of them us potassium. This mineral improves the conductivity of heart impulses. As we have discussed above that oranges are rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin C, and fibers. So if you are drinking or eating oranges often then you are less likely be having any heart diseases.

  • Diabetes

People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes should consume large volumes of orange juice. Orange juice contains no carbs so it will not cause any harm to the body, on the other hand, it contains fibers which regulate the blood pressure and controls the blood sugar as well.

  • Vision 

As with age, many uninvited diseases attack our body and among them losing the clear vision is on top of the list. If you want to maintain your vision even when you grow old, then you must drink orange juice more frequently. The juice of orange contains Vitamin A, which strengthens the eyesight. It not only improves the eyesight but also improves the night vision.

Furthermore, the Vitamin C found in oranges are good for the eyes as well. It prevents the formation of cataracts.

So drink orange juice as much as you can and live a happy and healthy life. So now you know that how much how many calories in an orange are present so eat more oranges and stay healthy.


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