About Us

Good health, fitness, and healthy lifestyle mean a lot to everyone. Everyone wants to be fit, stylish and trendy. Upraising living standard according to the fashion and trend is the right of every single person. It is not possible for anyone to take a visit to a physician, stylist and interior decorator for daily health & fitness, fashion, style, and homecare tips at the same time. In this rush life where everyone has a prior goal to achieve financial targets, it is quite difficult to pay attention to the life’s all aspects evenly.

Having enough knowledge about basic health and fitness tips, up-to-date fashion trends and home care guidelines are crucial to enjoying a healthy life. Now without sacrificing your much time and energy, you can get all necessary updates about a healthy lifestyle from our online Magazine. It has sorted out all topics of mutual interest on a single platform to satisfy all health and lifestyle related curiosities.


The foundation of our online Magazine was laid a few years ago to cater all the common aspects of human lifestyle and health. In the competitive atmosphere where a number of health and lifestyle magazines were trying to one-up the competition, our magazine took a step forward and provided a platform to the both genders of all age groups to enhance their health information and fashion sense.


Maglenia.com is a different magazine from its competitive ones having the vision to revolve around the real life people and a prior focus on covering all the aspects related to their life. This magazine focuses on what the people really want to know about. Maglenia.com do not have any intention to substitute a doctor, physician or a home care planner, but our all effort is just to make you aware of all the basic tips that can help you out in your day-to-day life.

We do not diagnose or give any prescription for a disease. We just share information and home remedies to prevent diseases, with a belief that what you eat and drink has an effect on your body health, mental fitness and beauty as well. You have a lot of power packed nutritional food items at your home but are unaware of their use and value. Our aim is just to provide you information that how can you utilize your home products to boost up your health and your fitness.


Maglenia.com is a modern health and lifestyle magazine serving internationally via the internet. The prior goals set by our organization are;

• We have a focus on providing basic know-how and all updates about health & fitness, fashion, lifestyle, home care, pet care and all the general topics related to common interest.

• Our magazine does not focus on a particular gender. We have articles, blogs, update and much more for all genders regardless of age limits.

• Our goal is to enhance the living standard of people and to give a positive direction to the mental upbringing.

• Our mission is not to confuse you or divert your attention but just to provide you tips about how to groom your personality according to the trends in the light of real-world experiences and suggestions of our professionals and certified personnel.


Maglenia.com is serving in this field for many years and has a sound reputation as integrated web magazine. Covering all the digital media including website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, the magazine is heading towards the peak level.

Future Aspiration

Maglenia.com has a future aspiration to cover the more aspects of human life regardless of limits. Our target is to spread a maximum level awareness through our blogs, articles, forums and best informative materials about all major issues related to human health and well-being.